(Cincinnati, Oh.)--Two men are being held on $1.1 million each in the shooting death of a Cincinnati taxi driver

Police say 20-year-old Keyawhan Lowe and 24-year-old Dakeith Pleasant are facing murder and aggravated robbery charges, in the shooting of the taxi driver last Wednesday.

Officers found the body of Moustafa Mamadou Diop, 45, in his taxi cab in the 1600 block of Baltimore Avenue in North Fairmount about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday. The Ran's Taxi driver had been shot once, in the back of the head.


Lowe, and Pleasant, were arrested Thursday, and had their first court hearing Friday. A grand jury will consider whether to indict the men on March 24.


Lowe, had previously been convicted of aggravated robbery and had been on probation since 2012; his last known address was in the same block as where Diop was killed.


Pleasant, spent 18 months in prison for a carjacking in 2012 and beginning in 2007, he served four years in jail, for aggravated robbery.

Officers believe robbery was the motive in Diop's death.

Diop was originally from Senegal and was a father of three.