It came down not with a bang but a splash.

Just after 9 A.M. Tuesday morning crews demolished a 70 foot section of the old Milton-Madison Bridge that crosses the Ohio river. Small explosives were placed in critical locations on the bridge and subcontractor Advanced Explosives Demolition Inc. (AED) detonated the charges in intervals in order to control the direction of fall.

The blast itself only lasted a few seconds, but it was enough to bring out a small crowd to watch the main span of the bridge come down.

Crews say the 1929 Milton-Madison Bridge will be completely demolished in a series of three blasts about seven days apart weather permitting. The public will be notified prior to each blast.

Traffic was switched from the old bridge to the new 100 million dollar U.S. 421 bridge last month, that was built 15 feet downriver.

Once the old trusses are removed, work will begin on widening the original piers to accommodate the new 40-foot-wide bridge that is currently sitting on temporary piers. In the next few months, the new bridge will be slid into its permanent position on top of the original piers.

Crews have closed the Ohio River to boat traffic for 24 hours to retrieve the old portions of the truss bridge from the water that will eventually be sold for scrap.

Divers are on call to ensure all pieces are removed from the river.