( Cincinnati ) Archdiocese of Cincinnati's Most Reverend Dennis M.Schnurr, Archbishop of Cincinnati, has released the following statement regardinng the shooting at La Salle High School"

"We are all greatly saddened by the shooting at La SalleHigh School. We pray for the young man’s recovery, not only from the self-inflicted wound but also from the personal challenges that led him to take this action. We also pray for his family and friends, for the other students and the teacher in the classroom at the time, and for the entire La Salle school community. Through the grace of God, may they all find healing, strength, and courage.”

Meantime, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones says the answer to students bringing guns into schools, is to have armed teachers and released the following statement:

"In light of yet another shooting inside a school, Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones is asking, once again, for armed officers inside each and every school.  I’ve said it before after a school shooting, more than once, that this will not be the last time it will ever happen. This time, it was pretty close to home.  A slightly different scenario in that it was an apparent suicide attempt with no additional targets, but make no mistake – it was an in-school shooting.  An individual entered the school armed with a gun, and fired it.  And, unfortunately, this one won’t be the last either.”

It’s time for the school boards to wake up. Ideally, we need an armed, trained Deputy or Police Officer in every school.  At the least, have a teacher or school administrator well trained and armed.  No, it won’t guarantee that another shooting will never take place.  But, let’s face it. If someone is intent on taking a gun into a school, they will figure out a way to do it.  Have someone on-site who can at least quickly intervene and hopefully limit the potential carnage rather than wait 10, 20, or 30 minutes for police to respond.  Schools have to take a more active approach to the problem.  School boards can’t just hope that it doesn’t happen at one of their schools.  It’s time to start taking some real action.  Our kids and grandchildren deserve to be as safe as possible.”