( Mt. Orab ) - Brown County Sheriff Dwayne Wenninger reports that on Tuesday at 11:15AM, a vehicle was stopped after an alleged drug transaction. The police were in an unmarked vehicle, and when they identified themselves as law enforcement, the suspects fled immediately. The suspects were pursued for over 14 miles into Clermont County and back into Brown County. During the chase, police say the driver of the vehicle intentionally struck the officer's vehicle causing extensive damage. The suspects finally gave up outside of Mt. Orab and were taken into custody. No one was injured in the pursuit.

Anthony Cook, 24, (Pictured Below) is facing a total of four felony counts for Trafficking Drugs.

The alleged driver of the vehicle, Adam McPherson, 32, is looking at one felony count of Trafficking Drugs, one felony count of Fleeing & Eluding, and two counts of Felonious Assault.

Both men are still in custody at the Brown County Adult Detention Center awaiting their hearings on the charges.